A adaptação para os cinemas do best seller”Vampire Academy”,lançado no Brasil como “Academia de vampiros-O beijo das sombras”,ganhou mais três cartazes.

Mione Le Fay é carioca, formada em Jornalismo. Escritora, professora de informática, apresentadora e produtora de eventos. Apaixonada por livros e fotografias, encontra nesses nessas duas artes uma forma de mostrar tudo o que existe em seu mundo.

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  1. The shocking relsut: 84 % of faculty members say they don’t use blogs and 3% don’t even know what it is.Well, I’m not shocked. As Michael Nielsen mentioned, this is field-dependent, I agree. For the past 10 years or so, from observing colleagues (most of them researchers), they do not seem to navigate too much, except for getting papers, some specific information. When I first set up a blog in 2005, the whole astrophysics division where I graduated from had no idea of what I was talking about. As of 2010, just one or two of them have tried blogging, but as far as I can tell, they did not go too far with it. Where I work now, most sites are blocked, so even if I wanted to, I cannot navigate too much away from certain pages. Good! :)In fact, for the past couple of years, I have been trying to avoid navigating too much, and I wonder whether it is just me, or other people are realizing that too much connection is an unhealthy way of life? Not that I have been such a big internet user before, but more and more I have no time or interest for that. Nowadays I try to go to very specific sites for getting the information I want. My RSS feed has about 5 blogs, one of them, yours. I twit rarely. My only working blog now is an educational math blog, not much frequently updated, but much more accessed than my previous blogs. I’m much happier now with the contributions I can make to the kids. And more time to run with my german shorthaired pointer out in the fresh air, and to read my (real paper) books!So I believe there is a question of the need for connection. As you have mentioned some time previously, as you are far from home and friends, you probably connect more than the average people. So you are probably much more acquainted with the new technologies out there than the “average user”.Finally, I agree that when the “average user” (= possibly a computer layman) navigate, he/she *might* be reading blogs without knowing it (there isn’t a big difference between a blog and a common html page for a layman).Best,ChristinePS- Well, Steven Colyer may be right about the possible cause of your hurting back 🙂 Too much computer.

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